We are Hiring! Centre Manager

JOB Vacancy Dated 2nd June 2021 

Watling Community Centre

Centre Manager Job Description

Post Title: Centre Manager

Employed by: Watling Community Centre ( Charity No 1107689)

Accountable to: Trustee Board of Watling Community Centre Trust

Responsible for staff: admin, cleaning and caretaking staff and volunteers

Hours: 12hrs a week, to be worked over at least 3 days, some evening and weekend work required.

Location: Watling Community Centre, 145 Orange Hill Road Edgware Ha8 0Tr

Salary – To be discussed Ideally will include a few voluntary hours 

Job Purpose

The post-holder will play a key role in ensuring the management and smooth running of the

Community Centre working closely with the volunteer trustee board. The Centre Manager will 

ensure that the Community Centre is a vibrant, well-run managed facility for local residents,

tenants, those booking Centre space and other centre users and that it works to help achieve local 

residents’ vision for the area.

Main duties and responsibilities

1. Management of the Centre

• To manage the Centre and staff (clerical, cleaning and caretaking) and volunteers

• Ensuring the effective day to day running of the Centre for the benefit of trustees, tenants 

and other users of the building.

• Ensuring effective maintenance of the building - including building maintenance and 

improvement programmes, supervising contractors and others regarding work in the building

• Responsibility for health and safety and security in the building

• Ensuring the Centre has up to date policies and procedures for using the Centre and taking 

responsibility to ensure that these are complied with

• Managing storage space and equipment use within the building

• Overall responsibility for securing bookings and subsequently increasing bookings and 

thereby developing relationships between those using the centre

• Developing/marketing local services and activities to be run from the centre, including 

conferences, open days, ad hoc social events 

• Liaising with the Trust’s Bankers, Treasurer and Accountants in respect of financial 

management and compliance.

• Issue of purchase orders, completion of reports/returns to statutory bodies and funders and

compilation of grant applications.

2. Management of staff and Volunteers

• Supervision of and support to clerical, finance, cleaning and caretaking staff and volunteers

• Managing staff rotas to ensure appropriate levels 

Application to be addressed to Watling Community Centre

 Email watlingcentre@gmail.com  by 16th July  2021